Series of events for startups and investors
Minsk, Belarus
March 2020
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How will that be?
Let's talk a bit about the event format and its participants
Pitch competition
Selected startups will present their projects to the Rocket DAO panel.
Expert session
Projects presentation to industry experts, receiving assessments and recommendations for future improvement from them.
Demo Day
Startups presentation to business angels, investors and venture funds.
Business angels
Potential investors, who will provide financial and expert support to startups.
Industry experts

Entrepreneurs and business owners, key specialists of operating companies from startup industries.

Private investors
They will act as spectators with the possibility of further investing in the most interesting startups.
And all this in order to increase the cost
of a startup in the eyes of an investor

Winners and finalists of Startup Training Camp 3.0 will receive:
Winner's prize
The winner will receive a $ 11,000 Rocket DAO Startup Pack (Rocket DAO Partner Services Suite).
Express assessment from Rocket DAO
An opportunity to get an express assessment from Rocket DAO experts for free. The evaluation report will be posted on the platform and sent out to the Rocket DAO investor base.
Networking with investors
An opportunity to make deals with the investors and participants.

Why do not all worthy startups find their investor?
  • Don't know their target audience
  • Don't understand with whom it is worth making a partnership
  • Don't know what they should come to the investor with
  • Don't know how to present their product
  • Don't know investment terminology and therefore cannot find a common language with investors
Startups participation in the event is an opportunity to
  • Use the experience and knowledge of industry experts to improve their projects
  • Find a strategic investor represented by an industry expert
  • Attract angel investors to reach the next round of investments
  • Significantly expand the investor funnel by receiving a free assessment by the expert community on the Rocket DAO platform and sending out an assessment report to the international investor community

What will we focus on?
- What product will be in demand on the market?

- What are the stages of product development?
- What are the strategies for launching a startup on the market, taking into account the target audience and the specifics of the product?

- Types of markets, their sizes, level of competition and entry barriers. How to take all this into account?

- How to evaluate the market prospects of a startup product and, most importantly, improve them?
Business model
- What is the ideal startup business model made of?

- What are the strengths and weaknesses of the business models of participating projects?
- What competencies of the team members are the key to the success of any startup?

- What business and marketing skills are necessary for the development of the project?

- What technical background should the team lead has?

- What product knowledge and experience does the team need?
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